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Deteriorating Infrastructure Hampers Power Crisis



Deteriorating Infrastructure Hampers Power Crisis

The persistent energy crisis in South Africa continues to cast a shadow over economic activity in Gauteng, a region crucial to the country’s economic landscape. Calls are intensifying for the province to accelerate efforts in enhancing its electricity infrastructure, which has become a pivotal concern in addressing the ongoing power crisis as reported by Eyewitness News.

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Prominent energy experts participating in the provincial Energy Indaba, convened at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand, have pinpointed the deficiency in infrastructure as a significant obstacle in effectively resolving the pressing power dilemma. These experts emphasise that subpar infrastructure has exacerbated the challenges at hand.

The South African Local Government Association (Salga) has underscored the vital role of improving infrastructure in the province, specifically highlighting its potential to alleviate the repercussions of recurrent power outages. Salga firmly asserts that seeking solutions for Eskom’s energy crisis becomes futile if the underlying electricity infrastructure continues to crumble and decay.

Over the past years, the performance of Gauteng’s municipalities has drawn criticism due to their inability to enhance and uphold essential infrastructure consistently. This shortfall in maintaining infrastructure has led to tangible consequences, most notably the erosion of dependable electricity supply.


Jongizizwe Dlabathi, the chairperson of Salga in Gauteng, firmly articulates the repercussions of this compromised energy landscape. He highlights, “The energy crisis and its associated load shedding have dealt a severe blow to municipal operations, impeding trade and tarnishing our capacity to allure investments.”

Dlabathi underscores that this struggle not only affects the operational efficiency of municipalities but also tarnishes the region’s attractiveness for investments.

In response to these mounting challenges, Dlabathi articulates Salga’s stance of endorsement for the nation’s transition towards adopting renewable energy sources, acknowledging its potential to alleviate the current energy predicament.

As the energy discourse unfolds, the clarion call for bolstered electricity infrastructure in Gauteng resonates louder, underlining the inextricable link between reliable power supply, economic vitality, and the ability to foster a conducive investment climate.

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