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Pyramid Substation Restoration Nears Completion, Says Tshwane Metro



Pyramid substation close to full restoration

According to the Tshwane Metro, there has been Significant progress in restoring the Pyramid substation. The metro announced that the work on the substation is nearly finished, with approximately 85% of the cable work already completed.

The team plans to energise the transformer soon, allowing it to soak before taking on its full load, ensuring a seamless transition. Notably, 630 incomer cable terminations have been completed.

Selby Bokaba, the spokesperson for the Tshwane metro, highlighted the accomplishments, stating, “All 150 square meters of feeder cables are now connected and terminated. All 240 square meters of feeder cables have been connected and terminated, marking a substantial achievement.”

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The Pyramid substation suffered a fire during a storm in Pretoria on September 20, resulting in two weeks of water and electricity shortages for farmers and residents. Progress on the restoration includes:

  • Installing key transformer components.
  • Successful oil purification.
  • Integrating single cores into the system.
  • Completing 11kV switchgear panels installation.

Critical bus bar pressure testing has been conducted and yielded positive results, ensuring reliability. The remaining tasks include the installation of AC to the building, which currently stands at 0%, and will be addressed in future project phases, Bokaba concluded.

Source: Tshwane says work on the Pyramid substation is almost finished

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