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Food Delivery Trucks Intended for Needy Individuals Go Missing



trucks transporting food have gone missing

Two trucks transporting food have gone missing in a puzzling turn of events. The Daily Voice reports that these trucks travelling from Johannesburg to the Western Cape were to feed 2,200 underprivileged families in Cape Town. The stocks of essential food items, including flour, baked beans, Indomie noodles, jam, samp, peanut butter, salt, and teabags, were scheduled to be delivered in Cape Town last Wednesday but have yet to arrive at their destination.

The chairperson of the Group of Helpers organisation, based in Pretoria, who wished to remain anonymous, expressed concern and called on the public to locate the trucks, the drivers, and the valuable cargo they were carrying. According to the chairperson, the Freightliner and Volvo trucks were loaded on Monday, June 19, but failed to reach their intended destination as planned. Attempts to contact the drivers proved unsuccessful, as all their phones were off. Additionally, efforts to reach the truck owners have been fruitless.

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The disappearance of these trucks is particularly disheartening, as many individuals urgently need food supplies. The chairperson highlighted the uniqueness of the situation, as the items were packaged in utility boxes. The Group of Helpers organisation has filed a hijacking case at the Hercules police station.

The chairperson appealed to the public, urging anyone who has information regarding the location of the trucks or those trying to sell the goods to contact the police station. The trucks could be anywhere in the country, and the assistance of truck drivers, motorists, cash and carries, and the wider community is crucial in resolving this troubling situation. The vehicle registration numbers of the missing trucks are KD72CMGP and FBB796L.


Despite attempts to seek clarification, the police have not responded to inquiries regarding the incident. The urgency to locate the missing trucks and ensure the delivery of much-needed food remains a top priority for the Group of Helpers organisation and the affected communities awaiting their assistance.

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