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Kempton Park: Glen Marikana Shacks Demolished



Glen Marikana shacks

The owners of Glen Marikana shacks have been forcefully evicted from a piece of land they had been occupying illegally in Glen Marais since 2016. The eviction commenced on July 24, as the court’s sheriff initiated the demolition of shacks. However, several residents claimed they did not receive sufficient time to move, and others stated they had not received any prior notice regarding the eviction.

The abrupt eviction has left many residents shocked and distressed. Lindokuhle Molefe expressed concern over having nowhere to go after being forced to leave with their belongings. The lack of clarity surrounding the reasons for the eviction has added to residents’ frustration. Some residents have lived in Glen Marikana for an extended period and believe they don’t deserve such treatment.

The emotional impact of the eviction is evident, with residents revealing the destruction of their hard-earned belongings and possessions. The Glen Marikana committee member, Ellen Mashiane, pointed out that the community had already been facing hardships, including the shooting of a community member the Saturday before the eviction.

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EMPD, SAPS, and private security companies closely monitored the eviction process to ensure it remained controlled. EMPD media liaison officer Marie Mashishi clarified that residents had received notice to leave the property in April, and there were reminders every two weeks. The eviction process took five days, with no reported injuries.


EFF Gauteng chairperson Nkululeko Dunga raised concerns about the lack of formal eviction papers and communication to the residents about the eviction date. The City of Ekurhuleni’s spokesperson, Zweli Dlamini, confirmed that the City provided alternative land in Thembisa to the displaced residents and was committed to relocating the destitute and homeless individuals affected by the eviction.

The Glen Marikana community’s displacement has left many feeling abandoned and uncertain about their future. Despite efforts to reach out for comment, Kempton Express received no response from ward councillor Jaco Terblanche at the time of writing. The situation has brought attention to informal settlements’ challenges and the need for better communication and support for affected communities.

Source: Glen Marikana shacks demolished in Kempton Park

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