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Seriti Klipspruit Colliery’s Pending Retrenchment Sparks Concern Over 600 Jobs



Seriti Klipspruit Colliery retrenchments

The pending Seriti Klipspruit Colliery retrenchment has sent shockwaves through Mpumalanga. Over 600 employees now face the grim prospect of losing their jobs. In a concerning move, the company has issued a section 189 notice to the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM), indicating its intention to lay off workers.

SABC News reports that in response to this announcement, NUM is preparing to march to Seriti Klipspruit Colliery’s offices in Sandton, north of Johannesburg. During this protest, the union will deliver a memorandum outlining its deep-seated concerns and objections to the looming retrenchment.

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Malekulu Motubatse, a representative of NUM, asserts that Seriti should have explored alternatives to retrenchment. He contends that the company ought to have considered options such as retraining affected employees and potentially relocating them to underground positions instead of opting for outright dismissals. Adding to the workers’ anxiety, Seriti has revealed its intention to enlist Blue Mining, a contractor, for underground mining operations—a move that NUM views as primarily driven by profit maximisation.

The situation at Seriti Klipspruit Colliery underscores the enduring challenges confronting workers in the mining industry. It also highlights the critical need for ongoing dialogue and collaboration between employers and labour unions to seek mutually beneficial solutions safeguarding workers’ jobs and livelihoods.


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