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Johannesburg Water Expands Water Shortage Areas as Thunderstorms Persist



johannesburg water added more areas

The recent thunderstorm and subsequent issues at a Rand Water facility have exacerbated water shortages in several parts of Johannesburg. As a result, Johannesburg Water added more areas affected by this crisis.

According to EWN, since last week, certain areas in Johannesburg and Ekurhuleni have grappled with water shortages, mainly attributed to a surge in overall water consumption. The situation has taken a toll on various communities, including South Hills, Naturena, Berea, and Linden, where residents have had to endure dry taps due to Rand Water and Joburg Water system failures.

Joburg Water disclosed that the power failure at Rand Water’s Zuikerbosch plant resulted in a staggering loss of 2,000 megalitres daily. This setback has placed additional strain on Joburg Water’s already challenged systems, compounding the water supply issue for residents.

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To mitigate the impact of this water crisis, officials have announced that water tankers will be deployed to all affected areas, offering a lifeline to communities in Brixton, Midrand, Alexander Park, and Waterval, among others.


As the city grapples with these water supply challenges, the ongoing thunderstorms have further complicated efforts to restore normalcy. Residents in the affected areas should exercise water conservation measures and remain patient as authorities work tirelessly to address the situation and ensure that essential water services are resumed promptly.

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