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Optimising Water Impact: City’s World Water Week



Optimising Water Impact City's World Water Week

The City of Johannesburg and Johannesburg Water proudly unite with the global community in observance of World Water Week, an annual event held from August 20th to 24th. The concerted efforts of the City and Joburg Water remain steadfast in their commitment to establishing a water-secure metropolis, providing high-quality water distribution that spans from Orange Farm in the south to Midrand in the north, Roodepoort in the west, and Alexandra in the east as reported by the Joburg Newsroom.

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In honour of World Water Week, Joburg Water extends a sincere invitation to residents, urging them to proactively engage in conserving this precious resource.

World Water Week 2023 centres on the theme “Seeds of Change: Innovative Solutions for a Water-Wise World,” prompting everyone to reevaluate the ways in which water is managed in the face of unprecedented challenges.

Nombuso Shabalala, the spokesperson for Joburg Water, underscores the paramount significance of every single drop. She emphasises that every conservation effort, no matter how small, contributes tangibly to the city’s unwavering mission to ensure a secure and pristine water supply.


In the heart of Johannesburg’s rapid population growth, water remains an essential and fundamental need. This surge in demand necessitates a continuous pursuit of enhanced water supply.

As conscientious residents, there are several proactive measures we can adopt to play our part in water conservation and efficiency. Some water-saving tips to consider include:

  • Ensuring taps are not left dripping.
  • Washing cars on the grass to simultaneously water the lawn.
  • Opting for a watering can over a hosepipe for irrigation.
  • Minimising shower durations.
  • Using a glass of water to rinse while brushing teeth, and refraining from letting water run during brushing.
  • Limiting bath depth to avoid filling beyond 100mm.
  • Reusing greywater to nurture gardens and potted plants.

Furthermore, residents and businesses within the city hold the power to effect change by promptly reporting leaks and water damages to Johannesburg Water through various channels:

  • Telephone: 0860 562 874 / 011 688 1400
  • Email: [email protected]
  • SMS: 45201
  • Twitter: @JHBWater
  • Facebook: Johannesburg Water

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