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British Airways Pilot Fired Over Cocaine Use and Boozy Orgy During Johannesburg Layover



British Airways pilot was fired

A British Airways pilot was fired. The airline fired Mike Beaton for bragging to his coworkers about his cocaine-snorting exploits, which included inhaling cocaine off a topless woman and a night of wild orgies. His negligent behaviour caused an estimated cost of £100 000 and a 24-hour flight delay as the airline scrambled to find a replacement for him.

In a text message to a stewardess merely hours before he going to co-pilot a flight from South Africa to the UK, Beaton admitted to being severely intoxicated after an all-night party with a Welsh woman, a Spanish lady and several local men. The married father-of-one had allegedly bragged to his coworkers about snorting cocaine off a topless woman’s chest during a drug and alcohol-fuelled orgy before he went to fly a packed flight to the UK.

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Beaton underwent a drug test once he landed in the UK, which reportedly returned positive. BA has released a statement stating that no passenger risk was involved and confirming that the company no longer employs Beaton.

The Civil Aviation Authority reported to The Sun that it has strict protocols in place for when pilots abuse drugs and alcohol. The report read: ‘An airline must immediately inform us if a UK pilot has misused drink or drugs boarding, or being on board, an aircraft.’ ‘In these cases we would immediately suspend the pilot’s medical which means they cannot fly.’ ‘In most cases the pilot would have an assessment with an expert medical team and if they wished to return to flying then a comprehensive rehabilitation programme would be put in place.’ ‘The medical would only be reinstated if we were completely satisfied.’


When confronted by reporters, Beaton’s wife did not comment, saying, ‘You must speak to my husband about it.’

Source: British Airways pilot fired over cocaine use and boozy orgy

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